September 27: Taylor Drury


There’s nothing like seeing a buck on his feet in daylight on your Reconyx trail cams.

That’s just what happened with this Missouri stud nicknamed Wishbone. He had established a routine on this particular BioLogic Last Bite plot showing up in 2017 as a 4.5 year old. This year, he’d put on some serious antler and quickly became a target buck, especially since he had a penchant for being active during daylight hours. It had been about a week since he last appeared, so some question existed about when he would show next.  

The farm was just 41 acres with neighbors on three sides, so scent control was crucial. Between ScentCrusher ozone treatment, Field Spray, and hunting with the blind windows up, Tay went undetected the entire evening.

Which is probably why, as the sun sank and shadows fell, Taylor caught movement just 40 yards away from the blind. It was Wishbone, and over the course of 23 minutes, he gradually worked his way, browsing on the BioLogic down to 22 yards.

After a quick check on range with her Leupold rangefinder, Tay came to full draw on her PSE Stealth Carbon Air and sent a Rage SS directly into the buck’s vitals. Wishbone bolted for just 50 yards then fell over.

Recovering Wishbone was a great way to end a Phase 2 evening and bring an end to the story of a buck who had a reputation of consistency on the farm.

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