September 9: Derek Glesinger


Derek Glesinger's Kansas hunt started with a clean miss and ended with him taking a big mature buck.

Derek and Dad Greg showed up on their Kansas farm on a Friday and immdiately went to work pulling cards out of their Reconyx trail cams. One setup told the story of deer coming to a standing bean field, so the two decided that's where they'd make their stand the following evening. DeerCast was giving a "Good" forecast, so they knew it would be an eventful night.

The guys suited up in their Mossy Oak Nomad camo and slipped into their blind around 4:00 pm. The buck parade began aroundd 6:30 pm as the deer poured out into the beans. Interspersed among them were a few does.

At 7:30 pm, a huge eight pointer stepped out and Derek grabbed his Winchester, slowly pushing the barrel through the open blind window. At 147 yards away, Derek found the deer in the crosshairs of his Leupold scope, paused his breathing, and squeezed the trigger. The buck bolted and the father and son team began celebrating in the blind, but the celebration was premature. They looked for any trace of blood for over an hour with no success. The footage made the hit look good, but when Greg got a Reconyx cell camera image at 5:30 am the following morning of Derek's buck in the very same bean field, they knew it had been clean miss.

After a few rounds to resight in, Derek and Greg headed back out to the same blind for one last hunt on their Kansas trip. Similar to the evening before, DeerCast showed "Good" for the evening and soon deer began entering the field. The buck Derek shot the evening before was their number one shooter. The number two shooter stepped out on this night. Confident he was sighted in, Derek unleashed a Deer Season XP round that 12-ringed the buck, dropping him within 70 yards.

Down to the last hunt, Derek and Greg recovered from an unlikely miss the day before and have the trophy to show for it.

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