August 23: Steven McBee

Steven's Alaska caribou hunt was a hard-fought battle.

Warm temperatures, aggressive mosquitoes and black flies with an agenda pounded him and brother Jesse at every turn as they searched Alaska's rugged Brooks Range for a mature bull. There was no escaping the biting insects, so they just learned to adapt and put up with the swarms. 

The guys hunted incredibly hard for five days straight before finally getting the drop on a nice bull. With darkness only a few hours away, they hiked seven miles away from camp through the tundra and over a two mountains to find a stud bull feeding by himself on a wind-swept plateau.

At 270 yards, Steven took up a postiion to shoot with his 45-70 (what was supposed to be a grizzly protection gun). In time with the resounding crack of the rifle, the bull crumpled in place and was down for good! They finally made it happen with little time to spare.

How many times have we heard of hunts that went down to the wire? Too many to count. It pays to stick it out to the very last, just like the McBees.