The father and son team of John and Jacob O'Dell were back in the saddle in New Mexico chasing antelope with their PSEs. Jacob had killed two days prior but John's tag was still unpunched as they headed out for their last hunt.

Trophy Hunting Adventures never disappoints...though every now and again a hunt comes down to the wire. But, as is the tradition in Bow Madness, it ain't over until it's over.

With Jacob on camera and John wielding his PSE Xpedite, the two set out for one last shot at a speed goat. After spending the afternoon glassing and making moves, they finally spotted a big goat with their Leupold binos and started the stalk behind a two-dimensional cow decoy.

After pushing into bow range and the pressure mounting on John to make the shot, he stepped out from behind the cow decoy and settled a pin on the antelope. The animal continued browsing with his head down as John executed the shot. The Rage punched through lung on impact giving immediate feedback that the shot was good. The antelope bounded off running zigzags before falling over onto the dry, brushy plain.

Father and son both killed on this hunt to New Mexico and both were able to capture each other's hunts on camera. Though it came down to the last 30 minutes of shooting light, the O'Dell boys had an incredible father and son trip.

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