July 19: Wade Robinson

The mercury topped out at 113 degrees in Sonora Texas, which only meant the axis buck action would be on fire.

The axis buck roar (the whitetail equivalent of the rut) happens in July in Texas and both Wade and his dad, Rob, had been making the 15 hour drive from Iowa to the Lone Star state for at least four years to hunt it. The father-and-son team snuck into their Muddy Redemption blind overlooking a small pond around 3:00 pm. Already drenched with sweat, the guys hadn’t got fully settled before they started seeing deer.

Rob passed on a few smaller bucks that came to water, until a shooter came in with 15 other does and bucks. The deer warily milled and took turns sipping at the water’s edge, never giving offering a clear shot at the patriarch until five minutes later when the buck decided to leave. Quartering away from the blind at just over 30 yards, the buck paused, giving Rob a chance to come to full draw and slide a Rage Chisel Tip just behind his last rib. The buck made it just 80 yards before toppling over.

With plenty of daylight left, the guys swapped positions and Wade took over with his PSE Evolve 28.

Between the heat and the roar, the pond never saw rest that day, whitetails and axis deer continued coming to drink. It wasn’t until last light however that a shooter axis showed up that got Wade’s heart pumping. The buck came directly to the spot where Rob’s deer had come to drink. Another 30-plus yard shot, Wade’s hit was good and the Rage Chisel Tip punched in then out of the deer, dropping him after a short dash.

Both Rob and Wade made good use of their day sweating it out in the blind over a Texas water hole. This trip is one they both look forward to because they don’t usually have time in the fall to hunt together. They certainly made this one count and will remember this hunt for a long time.