Everyone has their favorite spot to hunt; their honey hole. It's the place where you just know something good is going to happen. 

At the peak of the axis buck roar in Sonora, Texas, John was back in one of his favorite spots. A Muddy Redemption blind overlooking one of the only watering holes for miles around was the spot. Not only had he killed here before, so had his family, and both Wade and Rob Robinson took axis bucks out of it the day prior. John knew it would be good, but didn't know how little time it would actually take.

Wade joined John in in the blind to run camera. They got settled around 3:00 pm and had axis deer at the water within the first 15 minutes of their sit. The first two shooters never presented a shot, though John came to full draw on both. The third mature buck to come in had a broken main beam. The fourth buck arrived around 5:00 pm and was what John was looking for.

Axis bucks are skittish critters, especially when they come to water, so John had to wait for just the right moment while this deer was over 30 yards away on the other side of the pond. Finally, with enough of a view at the deer's vitals, John came to full draw on his PSE Expedite and executed his shot. The Rage deployed cleanly, shuttering the buck as he wheeled about to run away over the same blood spattered Texas ground Rob and Wade's deer covered yesterday.

A two hour hunt in 104 degree heat with an axis deer that went down on camera just yards from where he was shot. Is there any wonder why this is one of John's favorite places to hunt?