Sean’s opportunity for killing an Indiana long beard had dwindled to the last day of season…which also happened to be Mother’s Day. 

Between guiding his son Cole on hunts, work, and logging operations disturbing his prime turkey property, things weren’t looking so great for Sean’s odds of tagging a bird, but he did have two things going in his favor. The first was an extremely supportive spouse in his wife Amanda. She green-lit a last-ditch morning hunt on Mother’s Day because she knew how important it was for him to get a turkey. There was just one stipulation however; he needed to be back in time on Sunday to take her bass fishing. 

That could be arranged. 

The second factor in his favor was the brotherhood of the Thin Blue Line that runs deep throughout the law enforcement community. Mike, a fellow outdoorsman and officer invited Sean to come hunt his land. Mike already had the turkeys patterned and told Sean his odds would be good. The two made plans to be out in the blind the following morning for the hunt. 

In the gray light of a cloudy pre-dawn, the guys popped up a blind and set out three Avian-Xdecoys, a quarter-strut jake, one feeding hen, and one lookout hen. Sean and Mike slipped into the blind as thick clouds piled up in the sky above them. 

Set up near a roost, the guys listened as toms shock gobbled to the rumbling thunder and watched them pitch down. The birds were responsive to Sean’s calling at first, then went silent and melted out of sight. After an interlude of silence, a little cutting blew the woods up with nearby gobbling. The toms had gone quiet while working their way in close. 

Sean traded the call for his Winchester SX2and waited. Soon, two red heads came bobbing through the timber searching for the hen they heard. Once the gobblers got down to 25 yards, Sean dropped the hammer on one of them, sending a cloud of Winchester Long Beard XRat him. The bird dropped, putting an exclamation point on Sean’s 2018 spring turkey season. It all happened so fast that he was back home and cleaning the turkey before 8:00 am…and the whole Lundy crew had plenty of time for Amanda to out-fish the entire family later that day. 


As told to Tim Kjellesvik