January 29: Brian Wiese

Brian’s Colorado muley hunt was a little like a game of Operation, selecting a management buck out of herds of deer numbering in the hundreds.

Not a terrible problem to have, but a problem nonetheless.

Brian and hunting partner Cody made the 12 hour trip from South Dakota to join the Walz Camp at Rolling Bones Outfitters for a late season hunt. A whirlwind trip at best, the guys had four days to make something happen otherwise they were heading back home with an empty cooler.

After getting unloaded on Saturday, they wasted no time getting suited up in their Nomad gear and out onto the property that afternoon. Intervals of glassing with his Leupolds and relocating revealed hundreds of deer, but never put them into a position to kill the management buck they had laid eyes on. The wind direction and open country would just not allow them to get close enough to their target animal.

 At sunrise on Sunday the guys were back at it starting out in the valley where they left off the day previous. The deer weren’t there so that afternoon, Brian, Cody, and their guide went to the other side of the property. After another series of glassing and moving, they got back on the deer, specifically a herd of 30 containing a target management buck.

As they were making their plan of attack, another herd out in the distance beyond the herd at hand came running towards them, picking up their herd and relocating them about a mile away where they eventually bedded down.

Time for a new plan.

The guys took an hour and a half to carefully slip into position 275 yards away on the lip of a slight depression. A gap in the sage brush allowed for Brian to setup for a shot in the prone position while waiting for his buck to stand up. Good thing too, it would be an hour before his buck stood.

With his Winchester XPR .308 leveled at the muley, Brian watched through the Leupold VX3i as the deer turned broadside. With his breath on pause and both eyes open, the trigger broke clean sending a Deer Season XP round into the boiler room. Devastated internally, the buck stumbled just five steps before falling over.

Brian and Cody made quick work quartering up their trophy with an Outdoor Edge knife and loading the venison into their cooler. They had extracted their particular muley among hundreds of others and in doing so, successfully completed their deer hunting version of the game Operation

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.