January 3: Wade Robinson

For a while it appeared that this six year old six pointer was unkillable. He had avoided being shot five times, but the sixth encounter would end much differently than the previous.

Ever since Wade had his first encounter with this Iowa buck, he became determined to take him. His unique rack at that old age was a rare characteristic, but old deer don’t get old because they’re careless. Let’s detail the five close calls this buck slipped out of:

  1. Mid-November Wade saw him while bowhunting but didn’t have a shot.
  2. Mark’s sister Barb had him in the field during muzzleloader season but he spooked and ran before she could get a shot.
  3. That same night, the buck came back to the plot but Barb missed him cleanly.
  4. Wade got on him again at the end of December, but the buck bounced out of the field after does spooked.
  5. Just like the scenario with Barb, the buck came back into the field the same night as having been spooked, but when Wade took the shot with his PSE Decree, his arrow hit a bean pod deflecting it low, missing the deer.

That’s quite a series of encounters. This buck was so wily, he almost deserved to live.

January 3rd found Wade back in the blind waiting again for another chance. Around 4:00 pm, a ten year old buck nicknamed “Thirteen” that Wade had only seen once before stepped into the field followed by the six pointer.

The buck worked his way into range for the Traditions Vortek and Wade found him in the Leupold scope. The shot struck both lungs sending the deer charging through the snow and up a hillside before expiring after 60 yards.

With season winding down it was looking unlikely that Wade would tag his target buck, but time in the field tipped the odds in his favor and he closed the book on this storied deer.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.