December 29: Jacob O’Dell

Jacob O’Dell had logged his time behind the camera this season filming for his Dad, DOD team member John O’Dell and he was finally up to bat on their Texas ranch.

When the rut comes to an end, the number one thing on a buck’s mind is food. They’ve been run ragged and need to replenish and rebuild. That’s why John and Jacob brushed in a Muddy Redemption blind on an Oak flat. The plan was to intercept a mature buck coming in to feed on acorns still littering the ground.

It was until day six of their hunt that Jacob would connect on a mature eight pointer with his PSE Dream Season 365 crossbow.

The guys slipped into their blind around 3:30 pm and the first deer came through just a half hour later. They knew deer movement would be good, a misty rain hung in the air and temps had stalled out in the 40s with a variable barometer. Their Nomad gear cut the chill as they waited and watched for a shooter among the other deer traveling by.

Around 4:45 pm Jacob saw this mature eight browsing his way towards them. A quick check of the Leupold range finder confirmed when he was in crossbow range. Jacob held the scope in the crease just behind the deer’s front leg and sent at Rage zipping through him. The buck barely made it 50 yards before toppling over.

A season’s worth of being a camera guy and six days’ worth of hunting make it clear that Jacob is willing to put in the time required to kill a good buck.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.