December 31: Dawn Jensen

Dawn is a die-hard and equal-opportunity bowhunter. No matter the conditions, she’ll shoot does just as readily as she will bucks.

The proof she’s a diehard? How about a -25 degree wind-chill on her way to the blind on the afternoon of this hunt? The plan was three fold: 1. For her camera guy to get an opportunity at a management buck. 2. For her to fill her archery buck tag. 3. For her to fill one of her remaining archery antlerless tags.

Sitting in the blind staying warm in her Nomad camo, Dawn watched a cut corn field waiting for the deer to come feed. About 50 minutes before dark, a lone doe stepped out and began feeding her way toward the blind. Dawn watched anxiously and periodically ranged the doe with her Leupolds in anticipation of a shot.

After watching the doe for a while, the deer finally cleared the few standing corn stalks, providing Dawn her chance. She came to full draw on her PSE Evolve and held the 20 yard pin on the deer’s vitals. Executing her shot, she watched as her Rage Hypodermic tipped arrow zipped through the deer. The hit looked a little back from where Dawn intended so she watched intently to learn more by the deer’s reaction.

The doe ran to the edge of the cut corn field, then walked 20 yards and bedded beneath a lone tree. Just before dark the doe rose up and walked into the nearby cedars disappearing from sight. Concerned about the hit, Dawn decided to wait to track her deer until morning.

Back the next day with her camera guy, they retraced the deer’s steps and found her just ten yards inside the cedars. She hadn’t gone far. In the process, they found one side of a buck her camera guy and her husband Beau passed on earlier in the season.

Bucks. Does. Subzero temperatures. Did I also mention Dawn dressed out the deer too? She’s a die-hard!

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.