December 29: Beau Jensen

Beau had done his homework on an Iowa buck nicknamed “Fake Deeds” and after a few years of observation and encounters, he put a real hit on him.

Two similar looking bucks summered near Beau’s property but would only make appearances in late season on his land. The first was nicknamed Deeds, the second, after Beau realized they were two distinct deer, earned the nickname Fake Deeds. After picking up his sheds and logging multiple Reconyx pictures and videos, Beau had enough research on Fake Deeds to coordinate an encounter.

Just days before the actual kill, the two came in close contact, but the light wasn’t the greatest for shooting video and he stood quartering to. Beau elected to pass under those circumstances.

On December 29th, Beau sat in his blind insulated in his Nomad gear and kept watch over a standing corn field blanketed in snow. To the east at 200 yards, Fake Deeds stepped out and worked his way down to a pond to attempt a drink through the ice then continued on his way to the edge of the standing corn where he fed for 15 minutes at 50 yards.

The scenario continued to grow more promising as Beau picked up his PSE Evolve and intermittently checked yardage with his Leupold range finder. Gradually, the buck worked his way down to 34 yards and turned broadside. Beau came to full draw and sent a Rage through the buck’s vitals. The deer ran to the edge of the timber, waivered, and then walked into the woods.

With some daylight still available and does still in the field, Beau set his sights on a matriarch and put an arrow through her too. Both deer were easily recovered that night leaving Beau with a great trophy he’d been keeping tabs on for some time and a great pile of venison for the freezer.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.