December 27: Greg Glesinger

Greg’s first Kansas buck came after a game of cat and mouse. Instead of cheese, it was a standing bean field that led to this deer’s demise.

Familiar only with this buck he’d nicknamed “Wishbone” via Reconyx trail cam pictures, Greg had the deer patterned to standing beans during cold weather. He and son Derek hunted him during the early youth season, but never actually laid eyes on him. Wishbone was evasive and appeared to actually leave the farm in September, only to return in early December.

The games continued in December when Greg returned to Kansas to focus on this deer once it began showing up again in pictures. Greg would hunt the field north of his bedding area, Wishbone would show up in pictures in the south field. Greg switched it up and hunted the south field, Wishbone would show up in pictures in the north field.

Coincidentally, cat and mouse can be strikingly similar to “Whack-A-Mole.”

But games can’t continue on forever and eventually there has to be a winner. Two days after Christmas, Greg slipped into a blind around 2:30 pm braced for the cold weather with the pressure at 30.66, the afternoon was perfect.  His Nomad Harvester suit was key for a long cold sit. His view included a field of standing beans the deer had been coming to faithfully to stave off the colder temperatures. At 4:40 pm, it looked like Greg would finally cross paths with Wishbone. He finally laid on eyes on him for the first time all year.

The buck stepped out at 150 yards and began browsing his way through the beans. As Wishbone drew closer, Greg readied his PSE Xpedite and continued gauging the deer’s distance with his Leupold range finder. Finally, with the buck at 34 yards, Greg came to full draw and sent a Rage Trypan through the deer’s left shoulder, through its heart, then lodged into its far shoulder. Wishbone ran 80 yards before piling up.

At just over 170 inches and a 27 inch left main beam with over 19 inches inside spread, Greg’s first Kansas buck was a great way to break the ice. Though it took some coordination and being in the right place at the right time, he ended the cat and mouse game thanks to the combination of cold weather and standing beans.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.