December 27: Parker Jennings

Parker’s first buck with a bow was one that most bow hunters spend years trying to kill. He’s starting out on a very high note.

Reconyx trail cameras were telling Parker and Dad Brandon that this buck was coming into a BioLogic food plot and a field with standing beans, both during daylight in December before Christmas. After a snowfall, the buck began exclusively visiting the standing beans. Armed with that knowledge and his PSE Decree, Parker and Brandon waited for a north wind and headed out to hunt.

It was around 2:00 pm when the guys climbed into their Muddy blind and got settled. They waited and watched until Parker’s buck showed up about an hour later.

Periodically ranging the deer with his Leupolds, Parker waited until he got to within 31 yards before coming to full draw on his Decree. He held the 30 yard pin on the buck’s vitals before releasing. The arrow impacted a little back and low, but the Rage Trypan still left a gaping wound and a copious blood trail.

Parker waited about an hour before climbing down to check out the blood. Though solid, the blood trail led them to a temporary bed. That’s when Brandon suggested calling off the pursuit until the following morning when they found him with no trouble.

The Reconyx trail cameras made this hunt possible. Brandon and Parker were able to pattern this deer without ruining the area with frequent traffic. Brandon’s strategy with trail cams is a cautious and time-tested one. He typically only checks them after a hunt and avoids going in too frequently to read the cards.

Parker’s archery career is off to a big start, but something tells me this won’t be the biggest buck of his life.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.