December 22: Kyle Robinson

Kyle’s target buck was a tank…and it took a tractor to complete the recovery.

The “Turn-Down-Eight” had been Kyle’s top hit list buck all season, a hulking Iowa specimen with main beams that swept forward and down. She’d come close during archery season on two occasions, but never had a shot opportunity. The tables turned when she headed out to the Muddy Bull blind with her Traditions Vortek.

It was 2:00 pm when Kyle approached the blind. Two mature bucks had beaten her to the location and bounded off once she arrived. Unfazed because of the good Reconyx intel she had, she settled in and waited.

An hour elapsed and the first deer to enter the field was the Turn-Down-Eight. At 110 yards, Kyle shouldered her gun and found the buck in the crosshairs of her Leupold scope. The gun thundered and sent a new Traditions prototype bullet busting through the buck’s shoulder and into his heart. The deer ran off eventually crossing the fence line and onto the neighbor Roger’s property.

Kyle texted Roger (a good friend of the Drury’s) for permission to cross over and he welcomed them to continue their tracking. 250 yards later they came upon Kyle’s buck, which is really when the work began. The deer was so big and died in such a rough area, that she had to call for Mark and Wade to come over to help. Even with the team assembled, the buck was still too much to move, so Roger saved the day by hauling the buck out with his tractor.

Kyle closed her year with a deer she had been chasing the entire season…and it took a team and a tractor to finish the job.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.