December 9: Taylor Drury

Terry had just dropped the Mabry buck and Taylor knew it. If she could kill her target deer that night, it would be the first time the two doubled up with each other in camp.

The first real winter weather of the season had descended upon their Iowa deer camp as Taylor with Wade behind the camera and Terry, with Mark running camera for him, headed to their respective blinds. Recently back from Texas for the opening day of the second shotgun season, it was the first truly cold weather she’d hunted in. To keep warm, Taylor broke out her Harvester Nomad suit.

It was early afternoon when Taylor climbed into her Muddy Bull blind overlooking a bean field. A green field lay gently rolling off to her left. She was after a few specific target bucks and watched as multiple deer browsed through the field from the very start of her sit.

Terry’s “Bingo” text came through on her phone. The stage was now set for an unprecedented double between the two.

A mature five and a half year old eight pointer grazed within five yards of the blind as Wade captured the deer on video. As daylight dwindled, over one of the hills in the green field at 120 yards Taylor noticed a set of tines cresting over the horizon. Her target buck was en route to the beans.

Wade got on the buck with the camera as Taylor shouldered her Traditions Vortek muzzleloader and found him in her Leupold scope. Standing broadside at 80 yards, she dropped the hammer on the gun, sending a prototype Traditions bullet punching through near shoulder, concussing heart and surrounding vitals. The deer mule kicked and dashed 15 yards before falling over in the beans.

Double bingo.

Two great bucks were taken on one night in the same camp. The hero pics were a party as the family celebrated an unprecedented double.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.