November 30: Wade Robinson

The Simply-Safe buck wasn’t so safe once Wade installed a Reconyx MicroFire trail camera on a green field, but that wasn’t the only technology involved in this hunt.

Technology can be frustrating, but it can also be amazing. In the case of Wade’s buck, it was critical to dialing him in on a buck he’d had his eye on all season. Wade connected to the Reconyx MicroFire via WiFi on his iPhone and saw that this deer had been frequenting the area during daylight. Armed with that intel, he and Scott Rupert made plans for a sit in the Muddy Bull blind.

Their view for the afternoon included a half acre BioLogic radish plot carved into a field of standing corn. As the guys sat and kept lookout, they got texts from Mark about deer he was seeing. Soon, they’d have action too.

From their left, two does came running into the standing corn followed by Simply Safe. The buck took his time in the corn while a few smaller bucks entered the radish plot and began feeding. While Wade was waiting for his buck to reappear, he had tuned in to a Facebook Live session Mark was hosting from his blind.

45 minutes later, Simply Safe stepped out following his doe and gave Wade just the chance he needed for a shot. His PSE Decree sent a Rage through both lungs and the buck sped off before crashing in the corn after 40 yards.

With the shooting over with, Wade hopped back onto Mark’s Facebook Live and typed in the telltale, “BINGO” message. Mark brought Wade into the Live session via FaceTime for a true, immersive multi-media experience all made possible by technology.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.