Some hunts seem to take forever and others are over almost before they begin. Jesse’s buck showed up even before camera light arrived.

All deer have unique personalities. Some are more aggressive than others. Some more curious and some like to keep a small home range. That was Jesse’s buck…a homebody. The McBees had quite a history with this familiar five and a half year old deer. At three they found both sides of his shed. Cole had seen him this season at 200 yards and they had multiple daylight pictures of him in a clover field. His home clover field was where he’d make his last stand.

With their Nomad camo on, Jesse and Steven climbed into their stand under cover of darkness in the chill of an early December morning. In the darkness, Steven picked up on movement behind their tree. It was their target buck working a scrape at 30 yards. Still too dark for the camera, the guys could do nothing but watch the buck and hope he’d stick around.

Eventually the buck left the scrape and made his way within mere yards of Jesse’s position…still a no-shoot scenario. Thankfully, the deer held up behind some trees about 20 yards away and stood there for what seemed like an hour.

With enough light now to shoot video, the buck stepped out from behind the trees. Still at 20 yards, but now slightly quartering towards Jesse, the deer provided a glimpse of opportunity. Jesse felt confident in his shooting ability to make an ethical shot, so he came to full draw on his PSE Evolve and held his 20 yard pin on the deer’s vitals.

The Rage struck cleanly zipping through lung and out the other side. The buck ran 90 yards and fell over in a CRP field adjacent to the very same clover field he’d been frequenting all this time.

It’s hunts like this one that end so quickly that add some balance to the ones that take all day, or even multiple days. For as long of a story as there was leading up to this hunt, the actual conclusion happened quickly.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.