If the deer aren’t moving, no amount of sitting in a blind will bring them to you…that’s why Marc took to the sage brush to pound some ground looking for this trophy.

Marc took a few days away from Ani-Logics to hunt with Mark, Taylor, and Wade in Texas. With a couple days of slow hunting under his belt and a cold front on track to arrive the following morning, it was time for a new strategy. Warm temperatures had been keeping deer bedded for most of the day, so on day three, after a few hours of sitting in a blind with no opportunities, he decided to take the fight to the deer.

Concealed in their Nomad camo, Marc and Mark, with Wade behind the camera, began intervals of hiking and glassing through the dry Texas foliage (while also keeping an eye out for rattlesnakes). Following the contours of the land, they’d ascend just high enough to scan the ridges and flats before moving on. During the nine o’clock hour as they covered ground, the guys saw this buck on his feet and began working their way in for a shot.   

Concerned about getting too close and getting busted, once they narrowed the gap down to 200 yards, Marc began setting up for the shot with his Winchester XP .270. The buck stood broadside as Marc found his vitals in the Leupold scope and began executing the shot. The trigger broke crisp as the gun thundered, sending a Winchester Deer Season XPR round through both lungs. The impact shuddered the buck just before he dashed away.

In the same instant the shot went off, over ten does erupted from their beds around the target buck and scattered. They had been practically invisible until just then.

Through the flurry of does, Marc watched his buck run 75 yards before tumbling over. After giving him some time to expire, the guys found the deer crashed into a cactus patch, making the recovery that much more interesting.

Leaving the comfort and concealment of the blind was not without risk, but knowing the front was on the way and how slow the hunting had been, getting out to find this buck was an acceptable risk…and it completely paid off.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.