December 1: Terry Drury

2017 had been a long year for Terry. From being attacked by a swarm of hornets to his treestand accident, it was a rough year. Add to that the pressure of hunting for 60 days with nothing to show, this hunt was a bright spot we all celebrated.

In camp in Illinois with Matt on a lease they’d just picked up in October, Terry’s hopes were high hunting a waxing full moon. Having not killed a deer all season, he was feeling like he wasn’t contributing to the team and adding pressure to Mark, Taylor, Wade, and Matt. Terry’s not the kind of guy who can just sit back and let others do the work. He’s always got to be productive.

Terry was supposed to work with a buddy to get his Muddy Bull blind setup on November 12…but he was still recuperating from his accident so from a map, he selected a location at the back of a finger of beans on the woodline and gave the blind to his buddy to go build the platform and set it up. Terry had also asked the farmer to leave about an acre’s worth of beans out in front of the stand as an added draw.

On December 2nd, Terry gingerly climbed up and into the blind for an evening hunt. Around 4:00 pm, a few does filtered out into the field and began feeding. They split their time between browsing and inspecting the blind.  A little while later, Terry’s camera guy picked up on a buck coming into the field. As he and Terry watched the deer, they realized it was one they had no Reconyx pictures of (although after pulling a card later that evening - turns out he was there quite often!). Though a stranger to them at the time, the deer was easily four plus years old, making it an instant hit-list buck.

Handcuffed by the does still feeding nearby, 15 minutes elapsed before Terry could get a window open for a shot. When he finally did get an opportunity, the Leupold scope, Winchester Dual Bond sabot, and the SX3 slug gun dropped the buck in his tracks. Despite the physical pain his recovering body endured from taking the shot, Terry felt relieved to have finally gotten on the board with such a great deer. The icing on the victory cake was that Matt was still in camp (though was almost wheels-up to head back home). Terry sent Matt the “Bingo” text and soon the two were headed back to camp in the Can-Am with a giant of an Illinois buck in the bed.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.