November 30: Matt Drury

On a brand new property in Illinois during firearm season, Matt proved that deploying a last-minute ground blind is an effective and flexible way to ambush a mature buck.

Having just picked up this lease in October and with the busyness surrounding Terry’s treestand fall, the guys weren’t able to prep or scout the property like they normally would. The night before, Matt had been in a spot on the farm where he killed during firearm season last year…but the farmer had just turned over the beans, leaving Matt to hunt over a dirt field. The wind would be wrong for that location the next morning, so he decided take his chances with the new property rather than hunt over barren ground again.

Though he had no Reconyx pictures of bucks on the new farm, the guys looked at an aerial photo of the property and while Matt & Terry met with the farmer going over next years plan, camera guys Aaron and Tim went to setup the blind in a series of wooded fingers extending out into a bean field (that hadn’t yet been turned). Add to that an abundant deer sign and their mind was made up on where the blind needed to go.

The neighbors had multiple hunters on their adjacent farm, so Matt decided to situate his Muddy Redemption blind a few fingers back from the property line in case they bumped any deer with their activity. It was around 1:00 pm when they set up the blind on the woodline. They were back in and ready to hunt around 3:30 pm.

Soon, a few does began feeding their way out of the timber into the beans. The lead doe stopped to inspect the blind, but finally cautiously accepted it and continued browsing. At 4:15 pm, Matt’s camera guy Aaron whispered, “Shooter! Shooter in the field!”

Without hesitating to look up himself, Matt went to work starting up cameras and getting ready for the shot. With the does in tight at 30 yards, he moved slowly and carefully to get the Traditions Vortek StrikerFire up and out the window. The buck nosed through the remaining beans at 60 yards and quartered to Matt.

As Matt waited for the buck to turn, the does began to grow restless and wary. The buck popped his head up and turned broadside to see what the does were interested in. Sensing a vanishing shot opportunity, Matt centered the Leupold cross hairs on the deer’s vitals and pulled the trigger. A shockwave rippled through the buck dropping him in place. From inside the blind, Matt and Aaron celebrated a hunt that developed over the course of just a few hours.

Conditions vary constantly in the field and we’re not always able to hunt where and how we’d like. Matt’s hunt is a good reminder that a ground blind gives the hunter an expeditious and flexible alternative when plans change.  

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.