November 17: Kyle Robinson

Kyle put her first rifle buck down despite having the wrong wind. Her success came because of a little trick she used to fool the deer’s keen sense of smell.

Hunting Mark’s new Missouri farm, Kyle was looking to notch her first firearms tag. It took just two days for her to accomplish her mission. With no shooters showing up on day one, she got back in the blind on the morning of day two when she saw some does and a couple young bucks. After a quick lunch, she relocated to another blind overlooking a field of BioLogic Non-Typical Clover and settled in to hunt the rest of the day.

The view was great but there was a problem, the wind was wrong for hunting this particular location. To mitigate the bad wind, she opted to keep the windows closed on the box blind…a strategy that would prove valuable a short time later.

After sitting for less than two hours, a doe popped out into the field with a buck hot on her tail. Could she open a window without getting busted or winded and still get a shot? Kyle moved slowly to get in position for the shot as she kept an eye on her deer.

With the window finally down and the wind still wrong and pushing right into the deer, she watched as the doe began to react, bobbing her head and sampling the air with her nose. The situation was deteriorating quickly as the doe decided to leave the field. The buck turned to leave with his doe and at 110 yards; Kyle seized a shot opportunity and placed the reticle of her Leupold scope on the buck.

Her Winchester XPR .270 thundered as it sent a Deer Season XP round square into the buck’s vitals. He stumbled off 40 yards and fell over just inside the timber. Kyle had just killed her first rifle buck and did it on a bad wind by keeping the windows up and fooling the deer until the very last moment.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.