Linda killed her Missouri buck with the help and despite the counsel of “Old Salts” that had congregated in the blind with her.  

In camp with her Mom who had hunted the evening before and decided to take the morning off, Linda, Mark, and Wade headed out in the chill of early morning to slip into the blind for her own hunt.  It’s not often she’s able to get out into the field and she was on a mission to kill the second buck of her life.

Morning washed over the fields and woods with the rising sun and the three watched in earnest for deer movement amidst the waking landscape. Nature wasn’t the only thing stirring that morning though. Mark’s neighbor Bob was out working on his property nearby so Mark invited him to come join them for some quality time together in the blind. Bob obliged him and climbed in.

Around 9:45 am Linda identified a good buck coming to the field from Bob’s property. Her focus narrowed to that deer as her pulse quickened and breathing sped up. Looking through the Leupold scope, she tracked the buck with her Winchester XPR and slid the safety off. At 120 yards, Mark stopped him but between nerves and not having a stable shooting platform, Linda opted to not shoot.

The buck walked and Linda felt like she had missed her opportunity. She began apologizing.

Linda wondered if she’d get a second chance at the deer. The Old Salts agreed that since he’d been stopped, he wouldn’t show again.

Bob joked, “You had your chance. I brought him over for you from my property.”

Despite the prevailing wisdom within the blind, guess who showed up five minutes later on the others side of a wooded draw 200 yards out?


This time, steely and solid, Linda leveled her Winchester at the buck again. Mark adjusted the zoom on her scope and she settled in for the shot. Boom.

Relief, elation, anticipation, they all flooded Linda’s mind for a second, just before the Old Salts informed her that she missed.

“What? It felt like a good shot?”

The guys agreed the buck didn’t react at the shot like a hit deer would. It wasn’t until Wade reviewed footage on the camera that they believed Linda put a good hit on the buck.

60 yards of generous blood trail was another confirmation that the Winchester Deer Season XP round hit home and the buck at the end of it closed the case. Linda had successfully completed her mission to kill her second buck and did it in the company of friends and family.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.