November 13: Lucille Drury

Lucille Drury thought she was going to Mark’s Missouri farm to watch her daughter Linda hunt. Her kids had a little something up their sleeve however and only revealed their real plan once she got into the blind.

That surprise came in the form of a Missouri “Any Deer” tag that her kids had conspired to purchase for her secretly. Though coming from a family of hunters and loving hunting herself, she’d only ever killed a doe, and that was around 12 years ago. The plan was for 84 year old Lucille to kill a buck as part of a hunt to memorialize the passing of her husband and family patriarch Ralph back in March of 2017.

Settled in the blind that afternoon with Mark, Wade, and Linda, Mark finally let the cat out of the bag.

“Okay Mom, you’re the shooter now.”

“I’m not gonna hunt. I don’t even have a tag!”

Mark pulled the yellow plasticized tag out of his pocket. It had her name on it. It had her birthdate on it. It was her tag.  “This is a special hunt for Dad.”

Glad for the opportunity and warmed by the sentiment, she smiled and accepted her very own tag.

After a refresher of the.223 and Leupold scope, it was game on…except for one question from Mark.

“Mom, do you want to kill a buck or a doe?”

Without hesitating, she chose buck by reasoning that if she was going to shoot something, it might as well be big.

There’s no arguing with that.

Around 4:00 pm, deer began filtering into the BioLogic field to feed. One buck in particular grazed toward them.  With the gun resting on the window sill of the blind, Lucille watched with increasing anticipation through the scope and waited for her opportunity. At 75 yards with the buck slightly quartering away and confirmation from Mark that it was close enough, she pulled the trigger.

Immediately the buck shuddered and bolted back into the woods. Mark assured her that the hit was good. Though it was a lengthy blood trail, the white belly on the ground at the end confirmed Mark’s opinion of the shot. Lucille had killed the first buck of her life and did it on a surprise hunt with her family in camp to celebrate the occasion; a fitting tribute to Ralph’s legacy.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.