Lenny’s opening day of Missouri firearm season gave his son Adam a chance to take him hunting and to film the adventure. What happened that day is something neither will forget.

 Lenny was hunting a ground blind on a food plot with his Winchester .243. He and son Adam had intended to hunt another property, but ran into another hunter who had also gained access. They decided not to hunt around that guy and went to another property where they had pictures of a 5.5 year old buck…the biggest deer of Lenny’s life.

This was the first time Adam would run camera for his Dad in all their years of hunting together, making the hunt a success in their eyes before they even got started.

The last minute property move caused the guys to get in a little later to the blind than they intended…right around first light. At almost the same time they entered the blind, deer began filtering into the field to feed. The day was shaping up nicely.

Only thirty minutes later, the big boy showed up ambling through the timber. Close but not close enough. Their target buck never presented a shot before melting back into the woods. Adam hit the antlers to try to turn him. It didn’t seem like the sound immediately affected the buck, but a couple minutes later, he reappeared on a path leading directly to Lenny.

The Leupold range finder showed the buck to be at 80 yards as he turned broadside. Lenny leveled his Winchester XPR at the buck as Adam’s camera ate up the events unfolding before them. The Father and Son duo were about to put a hit on the buck of Lenny’s life.


The buck bolted only 40 yards before tumbling over. Adam turned the camera from the deer to his Dad who was working to contain himself after the kill. It was indeed a big day; the biggest buck of his life with his Son capturing it all on camera…Lenny was on cloud nine (and continued to be even a few weeks later).

The effort fathers put into raising their children is measureless and impossible to repay…but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. As proud as Lenny was of sharing the hunt with his Son, Adam was as proud to have taken his Dad out that day for the experience.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.