Would you intentionally pass up a 160s class buck in favor of killing a buck in the 140s? Adam made that gamble and so far, the bet is looking good.

On his north Missouri farm chasing a buck he’d been watching all summer, Adam had his sights on this mature, 4.5 year old deer nicknamed “Kicker 10.” There were plenty of encounters prior to their final one. In the week before Adam killed him, he’d seen the deer a total of five times…the closest being around 85 yards off. During that encounter, the buck walked through his wind and didn’t react at all. Adam credits the fact that he treated his Nomad gear in his Scent Crusher bag for not getting busted.

On the hunt for this buck, Adam had two close encounters with the previously mentioned 160s class deer. The one problem with the deer with the bigger rack was that he was only 3.5 years old. Though he’d score better, the 160s buck had much more potential , so despite having shot opportunities, Adam passed him and continued hunting for the 140 incher.

On the morning of the kill, Adam had a wind that was better suited for the north side of the farm, away from where he’d been seeing Kicker 10. There was another target deer in this area he was also chasing. In his Muddy Bull blind at first light, Adam glassed the field with his Leupold binos in search of his second target buck. He’d set up a decoy buck in the field as added incentive for any buck looking for a fight.

Just before 9:00 am, off to his left, Adam caught movement and saw Kicker 10 making his way through the CRP on a collision course with him.

‘This is the wrong side of the farm for that deer.’ Adam thought as he got ready to shoot.  Kicker 10 normally frequented the south side of the property, but that didn’t matter at this point.

His Leupold ranger finder indicated Kicker 10 was at 32 yards. The buck stood broadside as Adam came to full draw on his PSE Decree. He executed the shot as the Nockturnal lighted nock arced out following the Rage X-Treme through both lungs. The buck ran 35 yards before piling up. Kicker 10 was down.

Hunting age is no easy thing…especially when you’re faced with a predicament like Adam was. Hopefully the gamble continues to pay off and we’re able to report him killing a monster 4.5 year old during the 2018/2019 season. Until then, he’ll be proud and satisfied with Kicker 10.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.