November 1: Beau Jensen

Some sits in the whitetail woods seem to drag on and on with no end in sight while others are over in 30 seconds…which is exactly how Beau’s hunt went.

Beau and fellow DOD team member Tom Ware own adjacent property in Iowa and have had tabs on a buck that Tom nicknamed, ‘Miller 64’ since 2014. During that time, the deer had gone from a six by four, to a five by five, then back to a six by four with split brows and finally, in 2017 a 171 1/8 inch five by five with split brows.

There was just one problem: This deer was smart.

So smart that in all the years of knowing about him, collecting his sheds, catching him on Reconyx, Beau had only laid eyes on him twice. Now a seven year old, Beau theorized that his core area had shrunk. Tom and Beau coordinated to triangulate his position and Beau set up stands just to kill this ghost of a buck.

The morning of November second broke with a northeast wind, causing Beau to opt for a stand just outside of what he thought was Miller’s stomping grounds. Buddy and camera guy Dennis Williams accompanied Beau on the hunt. The two set out for the stand a little later than most would have, just before 8:00 am. Too early and Beau was afraid they may bump deer on the way in.

With their Muddy harnesses on. the guys climbed into their stand in the morning grey, Dennis first, then Beau. Once Beau reached his platform, he hung his Tenzing pack up, then hung his PSE Evolve on the bow hanger. Before Beau had time to nock an arrow, Dennis was slapping the tree to get his attention.

In a hushed yet urgent voice he whispered, “Doe. Doe. Oh my gosh, big buck right behind her!”

Unable to resist looking, Beau twisted to see the doe at 25 yards. She was locked onto him and Dennis in the tree. Miller was standing ten yards behind her, unaware of her concerns.

Beau froze. Curiosity caused the doe to begin circling downwind to confirm her suspicion. Miller was along for the ride. As the deer arced around their position, Beau slowly nocked an arrow and put on his release. Dennis got the camera up and running.

Eventually both deer got close enough to downwind to bring the doe to a halt. Though she was hot, Miller decided to part ways with her as he sensed danger also. With the buck he’d be watching for four years at 27 yards and moving to his right, Beau feared Miller would end up squarely in his wind and bolt.

Dennis got on the buck with the camera and Beau had a shot through a split in the tree. He stopped the deer quartering away.


Beau’s shot put the Rage SS six inches behind the shoulder, burying the arrow up to the fletchings and catching both lungs. It all happened so fast that sequence of events was hard to believe.  Both deer scattered leaving Beau and Dennis looking at each other in disbelief. Did that just happen?

The guys went back to the house to review the footage, confirming it was a good shot. A solid 125 yard blood trail led them right to Miller 64. A wise old buck that Beau had taken lengths of time to study and observe and hunt, was finally down…and killing him took less than a minute.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.