October 25: Wade Robinson

Even if the hunting is slow, it’s helpful to remember that it only takes one deer to turn a hunt around.

Wade’s Muddy tree stand felt more like a rodeo bronco as he sat on his Missouri hunt in 25 mile per hour winds. He was hunting a cut corn field for a big eight pointer he’d had Reconyx pictures of, but since 3:00 pm when the hunt started, he’d seen not a single deer.

Meanwhile, Mark and Gary were hunting nearby and sending Wade texts about deer activity. A little later, the always anticipated “bingo” text from Mark came saying that Gary had killed.  It looked like the deer party had set up shop away from Wade that evening. He sat and watched as the wind swept across the field.

Daylight waned as did Wade’s hope of ever seeing a deer. Even a doe would have offered some glimmer of hope. Nothing. Just wind.

In the dimming light 80 yards away at the end of the field, Wade detected movement. Immediately he knew it was a shooter by its mass. With no does in the field to distract, the buck began slowly feeding his way toward Wade.

With the buck at 27 yards, Wade came to full draw on his PSE Decree and found the pocket right behind the deer’s front leg for a heart shot. The arrow hit its mark as the Rage 2.3 Chisel Tip penetrated heart and traveled partially out the opposite side of the buck. The deer only made it 70 yards, leaving a massive blood trail in his wake.

While a great Missouri trophy, this buck wasn’t the eight pointer Wade set out to hunt. He was a mature buck however, and the only deer that showed up that evening to the field. A slow night led to a heart-pounding kill at sunset, and all it took was one deer.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.