October 28: Taylor Drury

Ladies and gentlemen, from the blind that brought you ‘Super Star’ in 2016, we proudly present ‘The Great Eight!’

Over the summer, Taylor and Mark had been getting pictures of a buck they had known from the previous year on a farm that held deer in a tight core area. From 2016 he had blown up into a 150s class wide frame eight. He was now officially known as, the Great Eight.

After a successful trip to Texas, Taylor had been hunting the Iowa farm hoping for an encounter with the buck.  Her blind was strategically placed on a food plot planted in corn with a green strip of BioLogic radishes and a scrape tree at 25 yards. The day of this hunt, the weather conditions were aligning so much so that Mark opted out of hunting for himself and went to go film Taylor.

The two climbed into the blind around 4:00 pm. Taylor got her bow setup, then before  getting her Leupold range finder on, or her release (or her glasses), she decided to pull back the curtain on the right side of the blind. Mark was still pulling camera gear out of his Tenzing pack when his preparation was halted by Taylor.

“Dad, look! It’s him!”

Mark craned to look past Taylor.

“Oh my gosh it is him!”

In the blind for a total of five minutes, not yet ready to shoot or film, Great Eight had showed up at 40 yards from their blind and was walking towards them. Isn’t it funny how quickly a person can get ready to shoot with the right motivation?

Mark worked feverishly to spin up the cameras while Taylor got herself together. Soon, the buck that they had been trying to intercept was on a direct course for them…in the afternoon. Alone.

Broadside now at 15 yards, the buck paused as Taylor (who now had her glasses on) drew the 47 pounds of draw weight on her PSE Premonition. Her 20 yard pin hovered over the buck’s vitals while Taylor executed the shot. The Rage SS punched through both lungs and exited the other side. The Great Eight shuddered momentarily and ran off. Taylor turned to look at Mark, speechless at how quickly the scenario had unfolded.

To be safe, the two waited in the blind for the rest of the evening before beginning the tracking job. 120 yards of generous blood trail led them to Taylor’s trophy. From a respectable buck in 2016 to a real trophy in 2017, Taylor had taken the Great Eight from the same blind she killed Super Star in 2016…and she did it with her Dad behind the camera.


As told to Tim Kjellesvik.