October 28: Derek Glesinger

Since he was nine years old, Derek has killed a buck during each of Missouri’s youth seasons. Now at age 14, he’s kept that streak alive and extended it to six years.

On their farm in northern Missouri, Derek and Dad Greg had just made the haul from hunting in Kansas. Their first sit in the blind was Saturday evening. A few does and some young bucks made appearances, otherwise it was a slow night.

The pair made a decision to relocate for Sunday morning’s hunt to a portion of the farm they call, ‘the killing plot.’ Driving to their blind before sunrise, they encountered two downed trees across the trail and had to winch them out of the way. Not only did they make way more noise getting to their location than they wanted, but they also got there much later than anticipated…just after 7:00 am.

A breeze from the south stirred the chilled Sunday morning air. By 7:15 am, a few does had filtered into the BioLogic clover field to feed. A few minutes later, a mature buck that they had Reconyx pictures of walked out of a drainage ditch and into the field. After checking a scrape, he commenced to browse on the clover, ignoring the does.

Derek watched intently as the buck grazed his way ever closer to the blind. Finally the deer presented a broadside shot. With his Winchester XPR already shouldered, Derek centered the crosshairs of his Leupold scope on the deer’s lungs and began applying pressure to the trigger.

The Winchester thundered through the morning still as the buck rocked with the impact of the Deer Season XP round, then ran 40 yards. The deer paused, giving Derek an opportunity for a follow-up shot, dropping the deer after another 30 yard burst.

The father and son pair loaded up their Tenzing packs and the deer and put a wrap on their sixth successful Missouri youth season.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.