Jared’s Kansas turkey hunt is proof positive that you can teach an old dog new tricks…you just need the right equipment.

For a few years now, Jared’s buddy and camera guy Micah Ehling has been inviting him to come out to hunt a little slice of “turkey heaven”. The heavenly property is a 120 acre parcel with a beautiful strutting zone carpeted in clover. This year, Jared was finally able to carve out some time to take advantage of Kansas’ early week of archery-only turkey hunting.

New trick #1 – Using Reconyx cameras to verify exactly where the gobblers were strutting.

Jared shipped Micah some cameras to setup to ensure they would be on the birds when he arrived. Micah did just that and the pictures proved the toms were still using that strutting zone. This was Jared’s first year using cameras to scout for turkeys.

New trick #2 – Believe it or not, in 30 years of hunting turkeys, this was Jared’s first using archery tackle. He’d always shotgunned his gobblers in the past. At 40 years old, this dog was about to expand his longbeard hunting horizons.

In order to be successful with his bow, Jared setup a Muddy Redemption blind to give him the cover to come to full draw without getting busted, and for Micah to film. The blind offered the perfect cover to do all of that.

The morning of April 4th found the guys on the field with an Avian X Breeder decoy in front of them and the gobblers sounding off around them. They estimated about five toms to be in the area. Three expressed interest in their setup, but one big boy committed.

Jared watched as the gobbler strutted in closer and closer, eventually coming within a heart thumping 12 yards of the blind. He came to full draw on his PSE Evolve 35 and settled his pin against the dark blacks and browns of the bird’s body. In almost the same instant the release happened, the Rage Extreme Chisel Tip punched through the bird with a muffled thump. The old dog just pulled off a new trick.

It’s easy to get settled into comfortable hunting routines that have been developed over the years, but you can’t let them keep you from new opportunities. Jared stepped out of his typical method of hunting and had a blast (pun sort of intended) doing it. It’s good for your soul as a hunter to take on new challenges, just be sure to outfit yourself with the right equipment for the job.


As told to Tim Kjellesvik