It’s not easy to walk out of the turkey woods empty handed with toms still gobbling, but that’s exactly what Bric did…and it turned out to be the right call.

Hunting with his Dad Larry behind the camera on their Illinois farm, the two were hunkered down in their Muddy 360 blind before daylight. It didn’t take long before they had two toms show interest in their calling and the Avian-X Breeder decoy. The birds stepped out into the cut bean field and began working their way into the setup.

At the same time, another tom slipped in behind the guys, causing the pair in front of them to get skittish. At 35 yards, Bric decided he’d better take the shot. As he shouldered the Winchester SX3 and found the bird in his scope, Larry was having a hard time framing up the gobbler in the camera’s viewfinder. Bric had to pass on the shot.  

Though the same birds were gobbling shortly thereafter, Bric decided to leave the woods and give them a rest until the next day. Before they left, they repositioned the blind to the top of a small knob to be a little closer to the birds’ roost.

That next morning the birds flew down just as Bric expected. They milled around for about a half hour at 250 yards. Again with the Avian-X Breeder out in front of the blind, Bric’s calling brought them in, along with a hen somewhere behind them.

As the birds worked closer, they began to skirt the blind to get at the hen, but they didn’t give it a wide enough berth. This time, Larry was on those birds with the camera and Bric rolled one of them at 35 yards. The shot was a little low, so as the Winchester cycled another round of Long Beard XR, he finished him off.

It’s possible Bric could have killed one of those birds on the first day of the hunt after their close encounter, but he exercised patience and adapted his plan for day two. It’s hard to argue with the results of his decision.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.