When young Macy O’Dell goes turkey hunting, she doesn’t mess around killing long beards one at a time.

Just a day after killing her first axis buck, Macy and John were back in their Muddy Redemption blind turkey hunting near their home in Texas. John had set up near a water source and staked an AvianX Rio jake and hen decoy out at 15 yards in front of them.

After some initial calling, a long beard began closing the distance but before he made it into range, a pair of jakes ganged up on him and ran him off.

An hour later, another long beard answered John’s call but was again promptly run off by two large jakes. These birds had six inch beards and their tail fans were almost uniform. They didn’t know it, but that was the last turkey they were going to intimidate.

John told Macy that if those jakes came within range, she should take one. Sure enough, once they diverted the gobbler, they turned their attention to the AvianX jake, strutting around and bumping him. Inside the blind, Macy had brought her PSE Dream Season RDX crossbow up and had one of the jakes squarely in her scope.

She fired a bolt tipped with a Rage Crossbow Extreme broadhead, 12 ringing the jake closest to her. The bolt passed through the first bird continuing on to stick the second in the heart killing both turkeys with one shot! The first jake fell over instantly and the second only made it 15 yards. After the second jake toppled over Macy announced, “I killed both!”

A double kill with a crossbow is a rare occurrence and one that will remain in Macy’s catalog of favorite outdoor memories for her entire life. I just hope she doesn’t get bored killing them one at a time like the rest of us.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik