The process of killing a mature turkey begins long before the season opens, as Derek found out on his Wisconsin youth season hunt.

The life of a 14 year old young man can be hectic, and Derek is no exception. Even after a long and busy week, he was still anxious and ready to roll in the pre-dawn air of opening day. He and his Dad, DOD team member Greg Glesinger had been preparing for this hunt in multiple ways for a few months.

One of the first things they did was to create a BioLogic Clover Plus food plot after clearing out some timber. The clover field was intended as a draw for whitetails, but it was also drawing lots of turkeys too. The guys knew the birds were there because they had hung Reconyx trail cameras and were seeing good numbers with regularity. Hanging the cameras before season allowed them to get dialed in on the birds right away. The final bit of prep involved Derek graduating from a 20 gauge Winchester to the 12 gauge Winchester SX3. He was a bit hesitant about the extra kick the 12 would give, but when Greg told him it’d also extend his range another 15 yards or so; he was ready to hit the range with it.

They settled into the Muddy Redemption ground blind that proved to be the cover they needed since the clearing of some timber. Listening to gobbles and yelps, but not seeing anything. After a mid-day regroup, they got back at it in the afternoon at their BioLogic clover field.

With only 15 minutes of shooting light remaining, Derek threw out another call and caught the attention of a tom. The bird came in from the east and committed once he saw the Avian-X decoys.  At 30 yards, Derek steadied his Winchester at the gobbler’s neck and unleashed a swarm of Winchester XR Long Beard #5 shot. The bird dropped in the fading light of Wisconsin’s opening day of Youth Season.

From the food plot, to a bigger gun at the range, Derek experienced the pre-work that’s required to kill a good turkey. He’s got the tail fan and beard to prove it too.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.