April 21: Kyle Lamore & Scott Manifold

On some hunts, everything comes together in short order. That was the case for Kyle and Scott on this hunt, even though they were on a property Kyle never hunted.

Tom Ware had invited the guys to chase turkeys on his Missouri farm. Having never hunted it before, Kyle relied on Tom’s historical knowledge of where the birds roosted.  Before first light, they were loaded into a blind and ready for action…and so were the toms.

Gobbles rang out from the treetops as the sunshine softly spread across the landscape. Kyle and Scott were caught in between two strategies however. Their blind was 300 yards from the roost, too close to make a move in closer and too far to be confident the birds would come their way. In the end, they decided to stick it out in place and focus on calling and using their decoys.

The toms pitched down and their gobbling indicated they were closing the distance to the blind. It was looking like Kyle and Scott’s decision to stay put was a good one.

Kyle’s calling drew the ire of a jealous hen. As she ramped up her calling so did he. That arguing got the long beards’ attention and sped up their entrance. At the same time, a hen flew into the BioLogic Clover Plus field in front of the blind. A perfect storm was brewing for spring turkey action.

The hen walked up to the jake and hen decoys, dragging a gobbler with her. Once the tom-in-tow reached 35 yards, Kyle took aim with the Nikon scope mounted to his Winchester SX3 and pounded him with Winchester’s Long Beard XR load. The bird dropped, but the guys weren’t finished yet.

Knowing another gobbler was still sounding off nearby, they traded gun for camera and Scott was up to bat. 10 minutes later, the tom came running like a roadrunner to the jake decoy. Just like Kyle’s bird, the Winchester/Nikon combination dropped this gobbler immediately.

Just because it was a new property, didn’t mean Kyle and Scott were at a complete disadvantage. They heeded the intel gathered through Tom’s experience and as a result, were able to punch their Missouri tags…and be at the diner for breakfast by 7:30.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.