It may have been one of the fastest textbook turkey hunts, but you won’t hear Rick complaining.

It’s great when you have a piece of property you know so well that you can almost guarantee where the birds will be roosted. That’s true for Rick on his Ohio lease…though he had been over doing some scouting a few weekends prior to the season. His scouting confirmed his suspicion.

When the morning of Ohio’s opening day of turkey season came, Rick and his two buddies knew just where to start. Still on the roost, birds were gobbling down by the lake and up the woods off to their right. Once first light lit up the property, Rick began calling. A group of jakes began immediately making their way to him.

Rick ramped up his calling, causing two toms to sound off 100 yards behind him near a food plot. The guys had to quickly spin themselves and the camera gear around 180 degrees to be ready for the long beards if they continued coming.

The gobblers were practically on a string, closing the distance to Rick in no time at all. The Avian-X decoys were still setup, but now behind the guys after their flip move. Covered head to toe in Nomad camo, Rick sat motionless and watched the turkeys come down the hill.

So far, less than 15 minutes had ticked away since first light. This was looking like a short hunt.

The second bird began strutting on his way down the hill. Both toms had started swinging to the left, skirting a path to the decoys. At 15 yards, Rick let out one more call causing the second tom to gobble. That gobble would be his last. Rick dropped him in his tracks with his Winchester Long Beard XR ammunition.

15 minutes on the nose and this hunt was over. Everything went exactly to plan which is refreshing…because hunts rarely go down this smoothly. Back to the truck in time to grab breakfast? No one’s complaining about that!

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.