How do you kill the first archery turkey of your life with limited time amidst a busy work and family schedule? Greg’s secret weapon isn’t much of a secret anymore.

Most of us are familiar with the challenge of finding time to carve out of our day-to-day to get into the field. Greg is no different. When he decided to try killing a long beard with his bow, he knew he’d have to have a strong strategy that wouldn’t waste any precious time.

The key to that plan were Reconyx trail cams…several of them. He peppered a section of his Wisconsin farm with the cameras, allowing him to dial in on four gobblers regularly coming through a funnel. The birds were using the path coming from an open field to their roost.

Under cover of darkness, at 10:30 the evening before the hunt, Greg set a Muddy blind in the funnel backed up against an evergreen thicket. The board was set for his first turkey bow kill.

Just as the pictures indicated they would, at 7:10 am he had strutters inbound. They began inspecting his Avian-X 1/2 –Strut Jake and Lay Down decoys. Greg lifted his PSE Decree up and came to full draw settling a pin on one of the gobblers standing at 11 yards.

70 pounds of draw weight unleashed sending a Rage Extreme Turkey Broadhead zipping through the tom clipping his heart and leaving massive wounds on both the entrance and exit. The bird attempted a getaway, but his wounds were too great to survive.  At 7:15 am, Greg had his first bow killed turkey under his belt.

Time away from home and work is a precious commodity. You want to make every second count. Greg did just that by putting himself in a high potential location thanks to his secret weapon, Reconyx trail cams. The result? He got an opportunity in short order and accomplished another first in his hunting career.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik