September 1: Derek Glesinger

The heat of the Kansas youth season may have dissuaded some from going afield, but not Derek Glesinger and his Dad Greg. Their willingness to brave the elements was rewarded with two big firsts for young Derek.

Three empty water bottles lay on the floor of their blind as the father and son pair kept watch over a bean field. They had arrived in Kansas two days prior and spent the previous day working on the farm and pulling cards from their Reconyx trail cams. They chose this particular spot because of the daylight pictures they’d seen of a few mature bucks.

The cameras also told them that bucks were still hanging out in bachelor groups, so if they saw one, there would likely be a few more in tow. As is typical for this time of year, daytime movement appeared to be concentrated later in the day.

When the guys entered the blind a little after four o’clock, the mercury read 86 degrees. With the sun’s rays beating down, the temperature inside the blind reached nearly 100. Their blind had become an oven and though they sat still, they couldn’t stop sweating.

Around six o’clock a young buck showed up along with a few does. Derek and Greg thought they’d start seeing deer around 5:30. They figured the heat delayed movement on that day. Around seven o’clock things got interesting as a bigger buck entered the field, followed by a buck they had only seen before on another plot.

This second buck was on the hit list and was a pleasant surprise for the guys. They had aged him to be around five and half years old with bases over six inches in diameter. To make him even more of a trophy, unlike some of the other bucks on the property, he was still in full velvet.

Sweat still beading on his forehead, Derek shouldered his Winchester 7mm-08 and settled the cross hairs of his scope on the deer’s heart. At 110 yards, Derek clicked off the safety, took a breath and squeezed the trigger. A Winchester Deer Season XP bullet struck home causing the deer to crumple after a 40 yard dash. No tracking job would be needed for this trophy.

Father and son got to appreciate the 162 inch full velvet buck up close after a little waiting. It was an incredible hunt informed by Reconyx cameras and made possible by the diehard attitude of the Glesingers. It would have been easier to sit out the day in air conditioning waiting for cooler weather to arrive, but they braved the heat and accomplished two firsts for Derek; it was his first buck out of Kansas and his first velvet buck. Even Dad hasn’t checked those off his list yet!

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.