September 2: Wade Robinson

The crystal ball’s prediction that Alberta’s mule deer hunting is charging back to its former glory is coming true. Just ask Wade. 

On the heels of Mark’s giant mule deer kill, Wade was up to bat hunting with Corey Jarvis of Three Rivers Adventures in southern Alberta, Canada. He had Jared Lurk to thank for this trip north. Normally Jared accompanies Mark, but prior commitments precluded him from going so Wade reluctantly (not really) slid on in and took his place. It would prove to be a good move for Wade.  

Out scouting the evening before season began, along with Mark’s buck, they also spotted this deer. It wouldn’t be their last encounter with him either. They continued to see him each day, but were never in a position to put a move on him…until day three when Tyler Jarvis spotted him on a wind farm bedded down near the base of a turbine.

The guys picked their way through a deep canyon to get in close enough for a shot. In their face was a 15 mile per hour wind blustering across the landscape, causing the turbines to spin and creating enough noise to cover their approach. 

At 60 yards, with Mark running camera over his shoulder, Wade rose up to take his shot. The cams on his PSE Decree rolled over and stopped solidly at their back wall as he hovered a pin over the buck’s vitals. Despite the wind and yardage, his shot struck the deer. Though a little back, the Rage Extreme Chisel 2-Blade dropped him within 80 yards.  Wayne Gretzky revolutionized the way the area behind the net is played in hockey. Maybe Wade and Corey are doing the same with hunting around wind turbines? 

The biggest deer of his life, at 179 inches, Wade couldn’t be happier about this trip. Mark was pleased too. He noted, “Taylor’s always my favorite person to film and Wade is certainly my second favorite. It’s always fun to watch him put an arrow through something when I’m behind the camera.”

If the crystal ball is right about mule deer hunting in Alberta, my guess is that these guys are going to have many more successful trips up north. 

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.