If you’re looking for the magic “On” switch for early season deer, nothing beats a cold front. Just ask Rod who traveled from Missouri to Nebraska three times to get the weather right on a giant muley.

The archery season opener found Rod at Hidden Hills Outfitters in Nebraska chasing mule deer. The only problem was the mercury. Daytime temps were solidly in the 90s and the deer we just not moving. They saw zero deer. Back to Missouri.

The second trip out was timed around a mild cool front and yielded two encounters, but no shot opportunities. Things warmed up again and the deer shut down once more. Back to Missouri again.

The third trip involved a much more significant cold front ushered in by rain and temps in the 60s on Saturday to dropping into the 50s with a slowly rising barometer on Sunday. This third pilgrimage was shaping up to be the one. In fact, on Sunday, from his Muddy blind overlooking an alfalfa field, Rod saw over 100 deer. One of those deer was a buck he’d seen on his previous trips, a buck that kept him coming back.

Using his most recent information, Rod had seen this buck in the alfalfa three times and knew how he traveled it with a bachelor group. Strategically positioned in his Muddy blind, he waited Sunday evening for the bucks to make their appearance.

Like clockwork, they came out over a hill a half mile out and crossed the sand hill flats. Rod watched and saw his buck as they spent 20 minutes closing the distance. A few deer were even bigger than the one he had chosen, but between his previous encounters and the fact he just liked the looks of him, he wanted this one in particular.

Finally, down to 40 yards and now broadside, Rod drew his PSE Full Throttle into its back wall. At the release, he watched as the arrow arced out landing in the deer’s pump house. The Rage Chisel Tip Extreme had done it’s job, though the buck got up again after having gone down once. To be safe, Rod opted to back out and do the recovery in the morning.

At 190 2/8”, this muley was well worth the miles and time Rod invested in it. The hunt was an affirmation on how critical cold fronts can be, especially during the heat of early season. They truly can be an “On” switch for early season deer.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik