September 29: Taylor Drury

Taylor’s second sit of her Missouri archery season ended with a “That’s all folks!” for a buck they had come to name Forky the Pig; a massive old seven point warrior that haunted their farm for years.

Temps had dipped into the 70s and the pressure held high for this early season hunt. Tucked into a permanent blind overlooking a BioLogic Non-Typical Clover field, Taylor watched as 25 deer grazed along into the evening. Her and Mark had discussed old Forky and how he would be on the hit list this year. Everything about the buck was massive. His main beams, his neck, his shoulders. Everything.

Which is why there was no mistaking his profile at 150 yards as he stepped out into the weeds bordering the clover. The giant began ambling towards the clover to join the rest of the herd. As he approached, the wind switched directions , alarming the does. Their heads sprung up and snapped side to side trying to get a fix on the danger.

They began blowing as their tails flicked up while they exited the field. Taylor thought the hunt was over but to her surprise, Forky the Pig only paused briefly to look around, then kept coming, grazing the whole way.

Eventually the buck made it to within 18 yards of the blind. Taylor drew her PSE Premonition HD and while he was broadside, she executed her shot. The point of impact was a little farther back than she intended, but the Rage SS deployed and left a solid blood trail. Wanting to be cautious because of the shot, she decided to wait overnight to finish the tracking.

The next morning, after following consistent blood, she found the buck. Forky was Taylor’s first seven pointer and they don’t get much bigger than that. Only two hunts in to her Missouri season and she had filled one of her buck tags with a deer that had a lot of history.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik