October 3: Scott Manifold

Chasing an Iowa buck he’d known for years named “Pole Knocker,” Scott was able to finally whittle down this deer’s last days.

For over two years this deer had been known as Pole Knocker on fellow DOD team member Tom Ware’s farm. A fence post near a plot planted in beans and BioLogic DEER-Radish had been rubbed down to the diameter of a quarter by him before a Reconyx Ultra-Fire camera caught him finally knocking it over in 2015. Eventually, this deer would become the king of the plot.

And the design of the plot was one of the contributing factors to his demise. Intentionally small and incorporating a funnel, this hybrid plot would bring deer within bow range of Scott’s blind…which is exactly what happened on this hunt.

The guys slipped into the blind around 4:30 with overcast skies and a rising barometer. As the cloud broke up and the sun peeked through, Tom noted, “This could be good.” Soon, six does in the field confirmed his suspicion. The first buck to join them in the field was Pole Knocker himself.

He stepped out of the woods at 75 yards and proceeded to rake limbs 20 yards along the field edge, stopping at scrape where Scott had a Reconyx setup. The buck began to put on a show, augmenting the scrape and raking more branches.

Since there was little wind and Scott was concerned about swirling breezes, they had kept the windows of the blind closed up. Slowly, Pole Knocker began making his way towards the blind to join the other does and a couple smaller bucks already in the field.

At twenty yards, Scott opened a window and drew back his PSE Carbon Air. The buck continued to browse on radishes as he turned broadside. Scott held his twenty yard pin on Pole Knocker’s heart, released, and the Rage Chisel Tip Extreme struck home.

A short burst of adrenaline carried the wounded buck just inside the wood line where he expired. Scott and Tom’s prep work and design on the plot along with cooperating weather conspired to whittle Pole Knocker’s days down to zero. 

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.