After killing his 205” buck at Suspect Outfitting in Oklahoma in 2016, some suggested Coon Dog hang up his hunting gear and quit after killing a deer of a lifetime. The only thing Dog is hanging up is more bucks from a gambrel.

Jeb at Suspect had been getting pictures of a trophy buck that Coon Dog planned on hunting until the deer went nocturnal. Another good buck, the running partner for the giant Coon Dog shot in 2016, was making regular daylight appearances on camera. After a quick consult with Mark, Coon Dog decided to hunt this buck.

Armed with his PSE RDX 365 crossbow, Dog spent the first night in his Muddy Ravage blind on an elevated platform watching a field full of bucks chasing each other taking turns at an AniLogics supplement pile. Over 13 bucks milled around the field making it difficult to identify the target buck. Once Coon Dog finally figured out which was the one he was hunting, the deer was at 60 yards and was walking away.

The next night in the same setup, another bachelor group of bucks filtered into the field to visit the AniLogics supplement.  At 7:10 pm the bucks began getting skittish. Coon Dog knew something bigger was on its way to the field.

Just a few minutes later his target buck stepped out just ten yards downwind of his blind. The buck began chasing the other deer around and refused to pause each time Coon Dog attempted to stop him. Finally after ten minutes of chasing other deer, the buck stopped at 35 yards quartering away.

Coon Dog leveled the RDX at the deer and centered the reticle of the scope just behind the last rib. The crossbow went off with a thud as the bolt tipped with a Rage crossbow broadhead hit home. The buck fled for 60 yards before wiping out in the field. This was Coon Dog’s first chance to break in his new Can-Am Defender he won as Dream Season’s Sportsman of the Year contest. That Defender looked good before, but it looked great with the buck in the bed. 

While it’s true that Coon Dog’s his monster buck from 2016 will be hard to top, it hasn’t diminished the thrill he gets from chasing whitetails.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.