Most bowhunters consider their shooting lanes when setting up a blind or treestand, but not everyone thinks about the logistics of their draw before the hunt. After this hunt, Marc will never overlook that detail.

Marc took a few days away from his work at Ani-Logics to archery hunt a property in Shackleford county Texas. Tucked away in a blind, Marc began watching a shooter buck off in the distance around 6:00 pm. His hide was brushed in atop a small bluff that acted as a funnel for deer traveling through the area. Marc’s target deer browsed along with two smaller bucks, all three were gradually headed his direction.

Around 7:00 pm, one of the smaller bucks began making its way through the funnel in front of Marc. The mature buck was following close behind, but grew cautious as he approached the pinch point. Originally, Marc intended to shoot through the front window of the blind, but the trajectory this buck was on required he improvise and shoot through the window on the right. He hadn’t considered a shot from that direction and both he and the camera man would need to shuffle to reorient.

In order to not be seen threw the blind window as he drew, Marc waited for the buck to take a few more steps before he came to full draw on his PSE Carbon Air. The buck began to stomp and turn back, catching a bit of Marc’s wind. Conflicted because one of the smaller bucks had already passed through unscathed, the shooter turned back around and continued on his original path.

At 24 yards, Marc set his 25 yard pin just behind the wary deer’s shoulder. As he executed the shot, the buck dropped, making the point of impact a little high, but still the Rage Chisel Tip punched through lungs.   

Instantly at a dead run, the deer bolted for 80 yards, stumbled for another 20, then went down. Marc had tagged a notoriously spooky south Texas buck.

Clearing shooting lanes is bowhunting 101, but if you can’t get a draw due to space constraints or movement, a clean path for the arrow won’t matter. You can bet shooting lanes and draw scenarios will go hand-in-hand in Marc’s pre-hunt considerations from now on.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik