Waiting for the right shot involves more than having a clear shooting lane. You have to also understand the unique qualities of the deer you’re chasing.

In Texas hunting out of a blind near a pond, Wade and Mark waited on an evening sit for a mature buck. The temperature hovered in the upper 80s and deer activity was high. Around 6:45 pm the guys heard movement coming from behind them. Looking back they saw a good eight pointer working his way through the brush. There was a mowed path that they expected the deer to travel on, but this buck didn’t get the memo.

He was heading from the pond down into a bottom and ended up in the clear at 40 yards…a makeable shot for Wade, though he opted to not take it. In addition to being smaller bodied making them smaller targets, these Texas deer tend to be more skittish and have a reputation for dropping way low at the sound of a shot. Wade passed and this deer made his way off into the brush.

A little bit later, smaller buck worked its way up the mowed path and along with it came the mature eight. Wade’s buck crossed through their wind, but their Scent Crusher treated gear allowed him to pass through unalarmed. This time in the clear at 30 yards, Wade came to full draw on Mark’s PSE Carbon Air with Evolve Cams. Though the two have different draw lengths (Wade is a 28 and Mark is 29.5), the IQ sight allowed Wade to achieve the right sight picture and remain accurate out to 60 yards. The Rage Extreme Chisel Tip struck vitals sending the buck into a frantic loop of a dash where Wade recovered him not long after.

Ultimately, Wade had two clear shots as this buck only one that he felt confident in given his knowledge of these deer’s tendency to drop and their smaller profiles. In the end, it was the right call.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.