There’s no telling what may happen when the Three Musketeers are in the blind together.

Taylor, Mark, and Wade were bowhunting Mark’s lease in Texas when they encountered a buck they knew all too well. They met this buck in 2016 when he was a nine pointer with an injured hoof. He was wide back then, but only five and a half years old. When he popped up again on Reconyx pictures again this year, there was no doubt who he was.

The mercury hovered in the mid-eighties as they kept watch over the sage brush and mesquite. For Midwestern deer, those temps would be slow activity way down. Not so much for Texas deer. Their smaller mass and thinner skin allows them to thrive in the heat. For them, at this time of year, the mid-eighties are a treat.

Around 6:45 pm this buck came bounding towards Taylor’s blind chasing a smaller buck, his wide profile dwarfing the other deer. Taylor picked up her PSE Premonition HD and readied for an opportunity to draw.

As the buck turned and slowed to a walk, crossing from left to right, Mark kept tabs on his range then stopped him at 25 yards.  Taylor pulled the 47 pounds of draw weight back and made the release. As her arrow sped toward the deer, he dropped to load his legs up for a dash but it was too late. The Rage SS hit both lungs high. The three watched as deer ran back the way he came. 150 yards later, he dropped to the rocky Texas ground.

Passing on this guy in 2016 really yielded the harvest of two trophies, Mark’s Blackjack when they first encountered him as a four and a half year old, and the wider, taller, and thicker 2017 version of this buck. It’s not often Taylor, Mark, and Wade get to hunt together but when they do, whitetails beware!

As told to Tim Kjellesvik