September 9: John O'Dell & Dave Reisner

John harvested his P&Y class caribou on 9/9/12 and his gross booner caribou on 9/10/12. Dave harvested his bull caribou on 9/13/12. 

Every once in a while the stars align and you end up with the perfect ingredients for a world class hunting adventure. You must have great guides, accomodations, meals, other hunters in camp, weather, and lots of quality animals to chase after. Well Dave and I just returned from Manitoba Canada. We were Caribou hunting as the guests of Webber's Lodges http://www.webberslodges.com/ and our hunt was one of the best we have ever experienced!

The hunt began when Dave and I met up in Minneapolis and then flew to Winnipeg. From Winnipeg we flew to Churchill Manitoba. Along the way we met up with some of the other hunters that we were going to be hunting with all week and we could tell right away we were in for a great time. From there we loaded the float plane and flew 1.5 hours to Schmok Lake where we met up with Kent Michie Camp Manager. Kent was a great resource for us while we were preparing for this hunt and we were in constant communication, so I was anxious to finally meet him when we landed.

After a brief meet and greet we organized our gear and headed out to the tundra to see if we could spot some big caribou bulls. We could tell right from the start that our guide Tim and his son Joeseph were up for the task and we knew we were in good hands.

We probably saw 100 caribou the first day and day 2 brought several hundred more caribou. The tundra was litterally a blaze with color. The blue berries were ripe and it was tough to not stop to eat a few of the great tasting berries at every good berry patch that you passed by. The food in camp was outstanding and for the first couple of the days the weather was almost too nice if that is possible. Finally on the afternoon of day 2, I was able to harvest a great P&Y class caribou. I was super pumped to harvest my first ever central barren ground caribou.

The next morning was one of those experiences in hunting that I will never forget! We were set up on a high point glassing for big bulls with our trusty Nikon binoculars when we spotted an absolute giant. It was one of those bulls that you know immediately is a shooter. We took off down the hill toward the giant and in no time flat we had closed the distance to less than 250 yards. The big boy must have read the script as he worked closer to our ambush spot along a sparse tree line. Finally my Nikon range finder said he was at 50 yards and it was now or never so I released my Bow Madness arrow from my PSE Dream Season Evo. I hit the bull a little back but he was quartering away and the Rage 2 blade Xrtreme did it's work and he went down within 30 yards. Wow what a hunt and what a bull! He only seemed to grow as I got closer. No ground shrinkage for this one! I hugged super guide Tim so hard I accidentally knocked him down. I was so pumped up and now Dave was up to bat.

Well the next couple of days we had some nasty weather with strong winds and rain. Our Scent Blocker Downpour gear kept us dry and Dave had some close calls but we could not close the deal. When the weather finally broke we were already perched from our lookout spot and Dave spotted a good bull as far as heu could possibly see with his Nikon's. Well an hour later and after covering a half mile or so we were within 100 yards of the bull. Dave and I used the cover we had available to get to within 40 yards. Dave checked the distance at 33 yards with his Nikon range finder and prepared for the shot. When he released his Rage tipped Bow Madness arrow from his PSE Dream Season Evo I knew the bull would not make it far. Amongst all of the excitement Dave looked up and saw two artic wolves approaching our location. The pair was almost pure white. What an experience to witness those wolves trailing the herd and ending up within a coupled hundred yards of Dave's downed bull.

We hunted the last morning with another close call but the bulls stayed just out of range. It was an amazing northern adventure and a huge thank you goes out to Webber's Lodges, Kent, Tim, and Joseph for helping me to fullfill a life long dream of harvesting a Pope and Young Caribou with my bow. Dave and I saw hundreds of caribou and made lifelong friends in the process. We can't wait to go back and do it all over again.
Good Hunting!
John and Dave