September 28: Joe Shults

A Sign From Above 

With the new twist to DSTV "The Journey" for the first leg I was teamed up with Joe Shults from Team MAD. and we would be hunting with Lloyd Pruet owner of Buckhorn Ridge Ranch. The first morning at daybreak found us sitting in a ground blind at a waterhole, with anticipation running very high it didn't take long for us to see what we had traveled all the way to wyoming for, before we ever had camera light we had a shooter drinking water at 30 yards. All morning long we had a parade of deer coming to our set. At 9:00 a.m. Joe decided to have an apple, and I was toying around with with my new camera when I looked up. we had 2 shooters at 20 yds in our pond drinking! Well after the fire drill was over we had some footage but no shot at #2 and #3 shooter of the morning. After the morning set we decided to pull the ground blind and put up a double set in the tree that I totally agreed was the spot to be. Our afternoon hunt was spent at another waterhole listening to turkeys and watching one of the most beautiful sunsets we had ever seen. The following morning you would have thought that Joe and I were two young kids getting ready for their first hunt. We could not have been more excited to get to our new set. To our surprise, the first deer we see is the same shooter that slipped past us the previous day, and he had already snuck into 15 yds. before we seen him, he turned to walk away and we thought the game was over, but in a flash he was headed back with his buddy from yesterday, and four does when all of the others went through our shooting lane with him bringing up the rear, it was just a matter of time.

After the shot and we heard him crash, a flood of emotion hit me like i have never felt before, I had just filmed an awesome hunt for Joe "Evo Joe" and had spent time hunting and hopefully healing, thanks D.O.D. for switching the teams for this leg!

At the beginning of the year, Joe had put his son Evan's name on a arrow and he was going to try to harvest as many deer as he could with it, and this was #2. But the amazing part was when we went to retrieve the arrow he could not find it, after a little searching, I spotted it. It had went through the deer and stuck in a tree, with camera rolling I got Joe's attention that I had found it, when he got there the vein with Evan's name on it was pointing up a true "sign from above".

A very special Thanks again to Lloyd Pruet of Buckhorn Ranch for all you did!!!!