October 5: Kyle Lamore & JJ Kolesar

This journey begins at the 2011 Fall Drury Meeting. Jon Lacorte from Nikon Sport Optics offered the Drury Staff an opportunity to win a big game hunt to Table Mountain Outfitters. The team that could produce the best YouTube video promoting Nikon Sport Optics would receive this Western adventure. Needless to say, Kyle and I went to the drawing board and fortunately came out the victors in this competition for the "Birth of Nikon Man" video. After a couple of short flights we found ourselves immersed in the “Life” at table mountain and couldn’t have been more excited to start the hunt.

Kyle was due up first because the area was loaded with antelope. This was going to be a brand new endeavor and we were going to rely heavily on our guide Scott Denney to help with the field judging of the antelope. As we snaked our way across the rolling hills of the Wyoming landscape, we finally laid eyes on the antelope we were going to hunt. We figured Scott’s silence was a good indication that we were on a shooter buck, and that we needed to get prepared for business. As we closed the distance to within 150 yards the buck meandered his way through the herd not allowing for Kyle to get a shot. The herd then got spooky and bounded its way down and up the next draw taking the buck to 300 yards. Kyle settled the crosshairs on the Nikon Buckmasters scope, squeezed the trigger, and proceeded to send the Winchester 270 bullet straight down range to the target. A few moments later, Kyle had just harvested his first antelope. A dandy as well, scoring in the mid-70’s and a great representative of the quality that Table Mountain Outfitters has to offer.

With Kyle tagged out, I was next in line. My target was a mule deer, and through the course of the morning we saw a few of these as well. Once we started focusing on them though, we began to heat up the hunting. My first encounter was a quick one, in which I learned that having my bipod legs prepared was essential. My second encounter was a great one, but I ended up taking too long to settle the crosshairs, and the result was another lesson learned. My third encounter was an exciting one. I unfortunately missed my first two opportunities, but sent the 3rd shot right through the lungs of a beautiful 150” class Wyoming Mule Deer.

Kyle and I need to give a big thanks to Jon Lacorte with Nikon for offering this opportunity to the Drury Outdoors staff, and all those that liked our video on Facebook and YouTube. We also would like to give a big shout of thanks to Scott and Angie Denney of Table Mountain Outfitters as their hospitality and commitment to solid outfitting proved to us that “Life” is truly good at Table Mountain. If you’re looking for the ultimate western adventure, please look them up, as I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Good Luck to all those in the woods this season, and thanks for taking the time to check out the Drury Outdoors website.
Kyle and JJ