November 3: Matt Drury

It seems like over the past couple of years...the busier we are at Drury Outdoors...the less hunting I get to actually do!  How does that work?!  This year was no different, in fact it was more extreme then ever before.  We are currently working on a new project titled King of the Spring that is set to air on the Outdoor Channel in the 1st qtr of 2013 and it has definitely kept everyone at the studio on their toes trying to produce what may be our best television show ever! 

My time seemed to be more limited this year so we decided to key in on the best historical time to be in the timber at dad's farm which is always the last few days of October and the first few days of November.  With my usual camera man, Aaron Bennett, not being able to come up and film over the weekend I was in a mad scramble to find a new camera guy.  No fear though, long time friend of the family and Drury Team Member Yapper Joggerst filled the role just nicely!  He took off of work Saturday afternoon and headed to the farm.  I had hunted a few days earlier in the week with Jared Mayberry of Droptine Leases, but elected to try dad's out on November 3rd knowing dad was tagged out in Missouri until the rifle season and having the farm to myself :)  

The deer were definitely on their feet with the moon up in the mornings and we sat a spot I've had some luck in over the years.  "Matt's Killing Tree" is the name of the spot...and today proved once again just why that's the case.  Yapper and I settled in early and watched the sun start to rise.  Thinking it was going to be a high pressure morning I was pretty excited.  But as the sun started to rise, cloud cover started to roll in along with a drop in the pressure.  None-the-less we were decked out in our Scent Blocker and decided to ride it out.  Morning movement was very slow until Yapper spotted the first deer, a 4 year old fatty with less then stellar head gear.  If he would have came a little closer I would have probably let one rip.  It wasn't 10 minutes later and we saw this 9 point walking up the timber from the opposite direction.  He had his head down on a trail and was on some sort of mission. 

As he got into bow range I drew back and accidentally hooked my new RAGE Extreme onto the index finger of my glove, thus opening the head!  With all of my hunts there always seems to be some sort of mishap or story that takes place and today was no different.  With the buck walking even closer and his head still down on the trail, I took my arrow off...grabbed a new one from my quiver and knocked another arrow.  I ranged him with my NIKON Pro-Staff Rangefinder, drew back, asked Yapper if he was on him, then let the arrow fly with my PSE Dream Season EVO!  20 yard chip shot and I drilled this dude right in the heart!  That RAGE Extreme left the best blood trail I've ever had and he didn't run 50-60 yards before tipping over grave yard dead (as Joe Shults would say)! 

Yapper and I were on a natural high and couldn't believe our luck!  Dad had definitely put us in a great place to succeed on this morning and I couldn't be more fortunate to have the opportunity to spend a few days in the timber (5 to be exact) and harvest a great animal!  Thanks to Yapper for helping me out as well as dad for always letting me come up and hunt on his farm!  It gives me a great escape from the daily grind of office life and let's me actually put some of those tactics I get to see day in and day out on video...to real use!  

Safe hunting!  -Matthew W. Drury